Park Picnic

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Details are Waggin’

  • 500 pieces 
  • 16" x 20"
  • Photo Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 3
  • Models: Max, Gambit Millie, Louise, Alfie, Effie
  • Puzzle pieces made from recycled paper 
  • Funnier than the other puzzles you own
  • We may all be smiling here but this entire picnic was a huge disaster. We had a massive miscommunication about who was bringing what and we ended up with like 4 dips and ZERO chips. We’re not pointing any paws at who was supposed to be organizing *cough, Effie* but luckily Millie recently started seeing this new dog she met on fetch dot com, so she invited him and he brought everything we were missing. (No one gets tail like Millie!) We went back and forth forever about what Max should write as the caption for his selfie and he suggested “All beef hot dog ;)” for like the zillionth time; ultimately landing on the skyline emoji. All in all, a ruff start but an unforgettable day with the besties. If you’re ever in NYC on a sunny day, we highly recommend Brooklyn Bridge Bark (you had to be there).

    Stop the doomscrolling and start assembling Mesa's tableaux of an undeniably cute dog collective.
    Featuring doggy best friends in New York (think the TV show Friends, but for dogs). 

    This Dog Pack Gives Back

    We donate a portion of our sales to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—headquartered right here in NYC. That’s your cue, Sarah McLachlan.

    Made From Recycled Paper

    Puzzle pieces are made from high-quality, sustainably-sourced paper.

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    Amy L.


    "Ummm, can we talk about these scene descriptions? Sooo cute and hilarious!"

    Kayla S.

    Unique puzzles!

    "I’ve never come across puzzles quite like these. The scenes are so unique, and not to mention adorable."

    Jordan D.

    old-fashioned fun

    "If you’re looking for a way to have fun without being stuck in front of a screen, look no further! You’ll love these puzzles so much, you won’t even be tempted to check your phone :)"

    Elizabeth K.

    Family fun

    "Perfect for spending quality time with family or night in with friends!"

    Joshua S.

    nice puzzles

    "Love them, they are good quality. And I like that mesa helps local animal charities. Excited for some more scenes!"

    Caitlin D.

    Good gifts

    "I ordered the Stoop Chillin for my mom for her birthday. She (and I) are obsessed. They make great gifts."

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