The only puzzles on the planet featuring a tight-knit group of dog friends.

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Featuring doggy best friends in New York (think the TV show Friends, but for dogs). "
Stop the doomscrolling and start assembling Mesa's tableaux of an undeniably cute dog collective.

Who's a good toy?

Everyone loves puzzles, everyone loves dogs: sorry we’re geniuses. Our 500-piece jigsaw puzzles offer the perfect combo of brain teaser & comedic relief.

The Game You Can Frame

Mesa Puzzles makes great art for people who aren’t boring. Yeah dog, once you put it all together, you can easily turn your puzzle into an entertaining framer sure to spice up that gallery wall. No need to beg, we’ve got the tools you’ll need to make that happen over on our products page. You can think of this fun feature as our piece de ré·sis·tance. (No, we don’t regret that pun.)

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Made From Recycled Paper

Puzzle pieces are made from high-quality, sustainably-sourced paper.

This Dog Pack Gives Back

We donate a portion of our sales to a different animal charity each month. That’s your cue, Sarah McLachlan.

The Brooklyn Dog Pack


Funnier than the other puzzles you own.

Macaroons Not Included

The macaroons will not be included in your puzzle order, but if you send us an email we'll gladly share our favorite macaroon spots in NYC!

Brooklyn Bakery

They said six dogs could never open a bakery in Brooklyn's cut-throat Sweets District. But that’s before they realized that, with the right teamwork, all 6 of us could fit into a single chef’s coat (with Millie pulling a Ratatouille at the very top). We always believed that if anyone could master the art of treat-making, it would be dogs—and look at us now: posing for an exposé in Forbes’ Top Good Boys Under 9. We’ll leave you with the soundbite the journalist used to close out our feature piece: “Never stop chasing your dreams (or squirrels) (or cats that look like squirrels) (or that piece of trash on the sidewalk blowing in the wind that you thought was a squirrel).” Bone appetite!

Recycled Paper

Puzzle pieces are made from high-quality, sustainably-sourced paper. Each puzzle design features a photograph of a group of dog best friends slash amateur models livin’ laughin’ and lovin’ all over New York City.

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Amy L.


"Ummm, can we talk about these scene desciptions? Sooo cute and hilarious!"

Kayla S.

Unique puzzles!

"I’ve never come across puzzles quite like these. The scenes are so unique, and not to mention adorable."

Jordan D.

old-fashioned fun

"If you’re looking for a way to have fun without being stuck in front of a screen, look no further! You’ll love these puzzles so much, you won’t even be tempted to check your phone :)"

Elizabeth K.

Family fun

"Perfect for spending quality time with family or night in with friends!"

Joshua S.

nice puzzles

"Love them, they are good quality. And I like that mesa helps local animal charities. Excited for some more scenes!"

Caitlin D.

Good gifts

"I ordered the Stoop Chillin for my mom for her birthday. She (and I) are obsessed. They make great gifts."